Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Sound Of Young Seattle Vol. II

Thanks to David Kulczyk, The Sound Of Young Seattle Vol II is now available in mp3. The cassette came out in 1985, and was produced by David and Grant Eckman (The Walkabouts). The cover design was made by ex-Feast member Jane Higgins.

Allison Maryatt - Couldn’t find much info except that she recently played guitar and sang in Slippage, a band that also featured Jack Endino on bass and Scott McCullum (Skin Yard, Gruntruck) on drums. Myspace here.
Bundle of Hiss - Kurt Danielson’s band before TAD. The band’s membership at the time included Kurt Danielson (bass), Kurt Schonberg (vocals), Jeff Hopper (guitar), and Russ Bartlet (drums).
Dwindles - changed their name into Pure Joy shortly after.
Melting Fish - a new wave/post-punk duo featuring brothers Glenn and Mike Slater.
PMA - stands for Pozitive Mental Attitude. Green River opened for them in 1984 at a private party in Capital Hill. That was Green River‘s first public performance.
Scary Rhythm People - An improvisation made by members of various bands such as The Walkabouts, A Western Familly and other bands featured on this compilation.

A Western Familly - I am Rain
Feast - Baby Teeth
Gary Heffern - Unwanted Children
Vivasection - Another Day
The Walkabouts - A Certain Gift


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Is there any way we can possibly get the mp3's for the other songs from both of these comp's?

Anonymous said...

Indeed--it would be nice to hear all the cuts from both compilations. A few songs from one of these bands--Vivasection--are up on youtube. But not the one on the cassette, as far as I can tell.

Dan "Cluster" said...

Here's the entire tape:

Anonymous said...

The link doesnt work :(

Dan "Cluster" said...
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Dan "Cluster" said...

Try this link:

Anonymous said...

Much better :) Thanks again for all the effort you put into your blog.

Tabitha Says said...

Dwindles was a different band than Pure Joy - Pure Joy had the rhythm section of Young Pioneers (Olympia) with some members of Dwindles

Davi d Kulczyk said...

tabitha, the only difference between the Dwinkles and Pure Joy is that Rusty's brother, Randy joined on snyth.

Anonymous said...

And Scott hadn't left to form Chemistry Set yet.

Anonymous said...

Young Pioneers had Scott on Drums and Brian on bass.

Dwindles and Pure Joy had Jim on Drums and Lisa on Bass.

No connection until later when Scott (different Scott, the one from the Dwindles) joined the other Scott and Brian in Chemistry Set.

Unknown said...
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