Thursday, August 18, 2016

Much appreciation for the small record labels!

Wow, you haven't seen me in ages, right? Well I'm still here! Now, you've probably wondered what happened and why I've stopped writing on this blog. Mostly there were personal issues, but all of that stuff is gone now, and I'm here once again. Lately I've started collecting vinyl records. And not just grunge, but also anything related to noise rock, industrial, punk, post-punk, garage etc. Discogs it's a great site, especially if you live, like me, in Europe. I can find a lot of obscure Northwest punk related bands and I don't have to necessarily order them from USA, with those killing shipping taxes.

But enough of that...I will give you one of my latest acquisitions. The Metal Ribbons compilation. This is a 7'' released in '91 on the Tacoma's label Meat Records. I have no idea who own this label but it released some pretty obscure bands. It's a pity their catalog is rather small.

This compilation features Big Satan Inc, A.M.Q.A, Fitz of Depression, all from the WA state and the hardcore band Slag from Tucson Arizona. Now I won't bother covering this last one...actually, come to think about it, I won't cover any of them. Big Satan Inc, and Fitz of Depression, each deserve a post of their own, right? And you can read a fine piece on A.M.Q.A. here.
Meat Records release mostly 7''s, and besides the ones already mentioned above, other bands signed here were Treehouse (Olympia/indie band), Seaweed, Superchunk, what else...Oh, The Fuckers who were supposedly Seaweed's members in disguise and few more others. Like I said, some obscure stuff here!!!

Fitz of Depression's song is also featured on their first album released on Meat Records as well.

So go bellow and click on the links, download them and put them on your phone, drink ten beers, go to work, pee in the subway, and get your ass fired...Don't do that, I'm just kidding!!!

Side A--------> click here for download
Big Satan, Inc -  Zymo Genetics
A.M.Q.A. - Sinister

Side B--------> click here for download
Fitz of Depression - Everybody And Their Dog
Slag - Alive