Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update Overlord and Bible Stud

Greetings! My apologies, I’ve been gone for so long. Things got little busy lately, as I am trying to put together a local fanzine.

The Overlord and Bible Stud posts I’ve done were not very well documented, so I thought of a way to make up to you guys. I’ve got my hands on some articles about both bands, articles from magazines such as The Rocket, Backlash and other local reviews. There’s stuff there that must be checked out. Like, did you know that Steve V.L. wasn’t the original Overlord vocalist? Thought so….

Click on the links bellow for download and stay tuned, because I’m planning a post on a long forgotten Seattle compilation featuring bands such as Room Nine, Feast, A Western Family or Crypt Kicker Five. Cheers!

Here and here