Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feast: 500 Foot Grunge Fiends

After an exhausting day of research I’ve managed to put together only a short abstract on another Seattle mysterious band. Sure you can find some articles on Feast, but they all contain the same little information. From what I’ve read, I’m thinking Feast resembles Bundle of Hiss in some ways. They inspired a whole generation of bands, droving from their early post-punk sound to a heavy hybrid known as “grunge”. Didn’t leave much of a recording history, but everyone (over 40 years old) remembers the band’s intense live shows that colored the Seattle scene for more than a half of 80’s decade.

The band was formed in the early 80’s and was originally called Feast of Friends. The founding members were Tom Mick on vocals, Dan Blossom on guitar and Jane Higgins on bass. The line-up also included musicians such as Dan Peters, Reed Hutchinson, Rolf Berteig, Darrell Myers and Kevin Evens and probably a few more…who knows. By the end of their existence the band manage to put out a demo cassette in a limited number of 50 copies. They split at some point in 1988 but will reunite 20 + years later. Yes, Feast did some reunion shows recently, with line-up including Reed and Dan sharing guitar duties, Tom on vocals, Rolf on drums and former Room Nine’s member Scott Boggan on bass.

We can only hope that Feast members would eventually put out a compilation CD of everything they’ve recorded. But until then ------>

500 Foot Jesus

Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)



jeff said...

you wouldn't happen to have the rest of the original demo, would ya?

Dan "Cluster" said...

Hi Jeff, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately I don't have the rest of the demo tape.

Al X said...

The Immigrant song cover is fantastic. Sounds like Sabbath covering Zeppelin!

Mark the Guy said...

write to me at
I have got the whole tape in great quality!

Killua said...

here's the complete cassette tape!eORwkQ6I!TGdGkZC47cTth6-P0O0hPPNOjzRIhxxkgD0z2yjLvtI