Thursday, August 18, 2016

Much appreciation for the small record labels!

Wow, you haven't seen me in ages, right? Well I'm still here! Now, you've probably wondered what happened and why I've stopped writing on this blog. Mostly there were personal issues, but all of that stuff is gone now, and I'm here once again. Lately I've started collecting vinyl records. And not just grunge, but also anything related to noise rock, industrial, punk, post-punk, garage etc. Discogs it's a great site, especially if you live, like me, in Europe. I can find a lot of obscure Northwest punk related bands and I don't have to necessarily order them from USA, with those killing shipping taxes.

But enough of that...I will give you one of my latest acquisitions. The Metal Ribbons compilation. This is a 7'' released in '91 on the Tacoma's label Meat Records. I have no idea who own this label but it released some pretty obscure bands. It's a pity their catalog is rather small.

This compilation features Big Satan Inc, A.M.Q.A, Fitz of Depression, all from the WA state and the hardcore band Slag from Tucson Arizona. Now I won't bother covering this last one...actually, come to think about it, I won't cover any of them. Big Satan Inc, and Fitz of Depression, each deserve a post of their own, right? And you can read a fine piece on A.M.Q.A. here.
Meat Records release mostly 7''s, and besides the ones already mentioned above, other bands signed here were Treehouse (Olympia/indie band), Seaweed, Superchunk, what else...Oh, The Fuckers who were supposedly Seaweed's members in disguise and few more others. Like I said, some obscure stuff here!!!

Fitz of Depression's song is also featured on their first album released on Meat Records as well.

So go bellow and click on the links, download them and put them on your phone, drink ten beers, go to work, pee in the subway, and get your ass fired...Don't do that, I'm just kidding!!!

Side A--------> click here for download
Big Satan, Inc -  Zymo Genetics
A.M.Q.A. - Sinister

Side B--------> click here for download
Fitz of Depression - Everybody And Their Dog
Slag - Alive 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

These Streets

Grunge goes on theatre! Wait, what?! 
Yes,"These Streets" is an original work of theatre created by Gretta Harley and Sarah Rudinoff. Gretta also played in Maxi Badd and was the co-founder of the Home Alive organization.
The story centers on five musicians who share a house in the Greenlake neighborhood from 1989-1994. It was inspired by over 25 interviews conducted with the women musicians who were an integral part of the Seattle music scene and whose stories and songs have been overshadowed by the familiar bands and retrospectives.
"These Streets" will also be featuring music from bands such as: Capping Day, Hammerbox, Maxi Badd, Kristen Barry, The Gits or Danger Gens, and will have its premiere at ACT Theatre in Feb/March 2013.

You can read more about the project, by downloading the dossier: These Streets - Dossier

Facebook page here

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Sound Of Young Seattle Vol. II

Thanks to David Kulczyk, The Sound Of Young Seattle Vol II is now available in mp3. The cassette came out in 1985, and was produced by David and Grant Eckman (The Walkabouts). The cover design was made by ex-Feast member Jane Higgins.

Allison Maryatt - Couldn’t find much info except that she recently played guitar and sang in Slippage, a band that also featured Jack Endino on bass and Scott McCullum (Skin Yard, Gruntruck) on drums. Myspace here.
Bundle of Hiss - Kurt Danielson’s band before TAD. The band’s membership at the time included Kurt Danielson (bass), Kurt Schonberg (vocals), Jeff Hopper (guitar), and Russ Bartlet (drums).
Dwindles - changed their name into Pure Joy shortly after.
Melting Fish - a new wave/post-punk duo featuring brothers Glenn and Mike Slater.
PMA - stands for Pozitive Mental Attitude. Green River opened for them in 1984 at a private party in Capital Hill. That was Green River‘s first public performance.
Scary Rhythm People - An improvisation made by members of various bands such as The Walkabouts, A Western Familly and other bands featured on this compilation.

A Western Familly - I am Rain
Feast - Baby Teeth
Gary Heffern - Unwanted Children
Vivasection - Another Day
The Walkabouts - A Certain Gift

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feast: 500 Foot Grunge Fiends

After an exhausting day of research I’ve managed to put together only a short abstract on another Seattle mysterious band. Sure you can find some articles on Feast, but they all contain the same little information. From what I’ve read, I’m thinking Feast resembles Bundle of Hiss in some ways. They inspired a whole generation of bands, droving from their early post-punk sound to a heavy hybrid known as “grunge”. Didn’t leave much of a recording history, but everyone (over 40 years old) remembers the band’s intense live shows that colored the Seattle scene for more than a half of 80’s decade.

The band was formed in the early 80’s and was originally called Feast of Friends. The founding members were Tom Mick on vocals, Dan Blossom on guitar and Jane Higgins on bass. The line-up also included musicians such as Dan Peters, Reed Hutchinson, Rolf Berteig, Darrell Myers and Kevin Evens and probably a few more…who knows. By the end of their existence the band manage to put out a demo cassette in a limited number of 50 copies. They split at some point in 1988 but will reunite 20 + years later. Yes, Feast did some reunion shows recently, with line-up including Reed and Dan sharing guitar duties, Tom on vocals, Rolf on drums and former Room Nine’s member Scott Boggan on bass.

We can only hope that Feast members would eventually put out a compilation CD of everything they’ve recorded. But until then ------>

500 Foot Jesus

Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sound of Young Seattle

The Sounds of Young Seattle came out in 1984, cassette only, and was put together by local musician David Kulczyk. Described as the “psychodelic bastard children of the Seattle Syndrome” the two volume compilations ( the second one was released in 1985) are documenting a post punk scene that grew around the Pioneer Square dens.
The first volume, the only one available in mp3, so far, features some darkish psychedelic tunes from A Western Family, Big Boat, Crypt kicker 5, Dr. Bombay, Life In General, Ministry Of Love, PMA, Room Nine and Feast Of Friends (would later become Feast).

Big Boat - Free Willed Social Animal
Crypt Kicker Five - Ya Ya Love Song
Dr. Bombay - In A Time Machine
Life in General - Desperate Reminiscence (Live)
Ministry Of Love - Dancing On Air
PMA - Obsession

Note: David A. Kulczyk played guitar in A Western Family, a band that formed in 1983. The band’s line-up also included John Massoni on vocals, Liz Schmoe on bass and David Thierry on drums. After releasing two cassettes, “A Western Family” and “Music from Tiger Mountain”, the band called it quits. It was 1985. Some of the remaining members went on to form A Weather Theater.

And also a couple of A Western Familly tunes

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update Overlord and Bible Stud

Greetings! My apologies, I’ve been gone for so long. Things got little busy lately, as I am trying to put together a local fanzine.

The Overlord and Bible Stud posts I’ve done were not very well documented, so I thought of a way to make up to you guys. I’ve got my hands on some articles about both bands, articles from magazines such as The Rocket, Backlash and other local reviews. There’s stuff there that must be checked out. Like, did you know that Steve V.L. wasn’t the original Overlord vocalist? Thought so….

Click on the links bellow for download and stay tuned, because I’m planning a post on a long forgotten Seattle compilation featuring bands such as Room Nine, Feast, A Western Family or Crypt Kicker Five. Cheers!

Here and here

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treeclimbers: At the edge of Seattle’s new wave

Again, I apologise for the delay…those “couple of days” were more like two weeks. I’ll keep my promise about one thing though, that I will share my knowledge about the Treeclimbers with you.

The band formed in the early 80’s in the glory days of the Seattle’s post-punk. They recorded a self titled Ep in ’85, released by Larkin Record. And while I was expecting this record to be, maybe a little bit boring, I was surprised to be proven otherwise. The record is amazing. It contains four tracks, in which, the band managed to modelate a warm, but rhythmic, popish post-punk. “Greener” is probably the best song on the record followed by “Longing” (check out the killer sax!!!), “On Location” and “Seconds n Counting” which may be the outsider because of its darker influences, like an early Siouxsie and the Banshees rip-off.

Studying the back cover of the EP, we find out that the band is composed by: Jonathan Poneman - bass, Gary Thorstensen - guitar, Loren Evans - vocals, Jeff Lindeman – keyboards and sax and Peter Barnes on drums. The songs were recorded and mixed at Triangle studios in Seattle.

Treeclimbers were a “rotating cast of characters” as Jonathan Poneman recalls: “…some real "characters"! - who played in a band whose nucleus was Gary Thorstensen (ex of TAD) and myself. We were around for 5-6 years and managed to put out one ep, produced by Peter. While I have a fond place in my heart for that EP, Gary and I were always striving for a more nuanced, textured sound that neither of us could adequately convey to our various bandmates”.

Regarding shows, bills and gigs, the Treeclimbers may have been more of a “studio band”, and please correct me if I’m wrong, the comment section is at your service.

See you next time. Enjoy: