Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Gift: More DC Beggars

NorthwestNoise turned 2 this November...shame on me for not knowing the exact date. Ok, if you look in the archive, the first post was written in December 2008. The truth is, the fist post ever was actually made in November 2008 and it was about Dale Crover Ep, but that post was erased a long time ago.

Never thought I'll be bloggin' this long...hmmm. I've been thinking about what would be the perfect gift for my readers and I’ve finally made up my mind ...I'll be sharing the DC Beggars - Love, Money and Power Ep. No introduction about the band because I've already written one here. I won't give away the music like I usually do. You'll have to mail me, my e-mail address is on the top of the right corner, and you'll also have to leave a comment on the post.

Also for the DC Beggars - You're so pretty 7'' check out this blog here. This fellow is doing a great job!!

Happy Birthday Northwest Noise!


Emile said...

Great band & thanks ever so much for the link. Happy 2nd Birthday NW Noise - long may it continue - keep up the excellent work!! Thanks also for link to schizophrenic melodies - great to hear that single. Thanks again & Happy birthday!!!

moo said...

Hello Would like to get my ears on this!

Dead by Pregnancy said...

i would like to hear this, can you please mail me?

thank you

Carla G Art said...
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