Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Does MyHairsprayQueen love Seattle Hardcore Acts?

Part 1: Jesters Of Chaos

This is the first piece of writing that I’ve ever done on a Seattle hardcore band. I won’t post Mr Epp or Limp Richerds as you might have expected. I’m happy to surprise my readers once again with a post about Jesters Of Chaos. The idea for a Jesters’ post stroke me about two weeks ago, after finding a Discharge 7’’ in a record store.Somehow a connection formed in my a way, those English dogs reminded me of the Jesters. Although the band fits more into the wide variety of UK political punk rather than into the noisy hardcore of northwest…Jesters of Chaos played a significant part in the early Seattle Punk scene during the late 80's.

The band formed in 1985 in Seattle. They had numerous changes of drummers and bass players, the only constant member remaining Jeffro (voice), Maddy (guitar) and Kenny (second guitar). They finally set with a solid line-up in’87, now, also including Tyler on drums and Theo on bass. In ’88 the band recorded 13 songs (only 4 of them made it to vinyl) and a self titled Ep (released by Horton/Reflex Records) including the songs: Behind a mask, A message, Violent States Of America and Murder of the church.

I couldn’t find much information about the band on the web …I assume they split up in the early ‘90s. Lead signer, Jeffro, died in ‘92 due to a fatal motorcycle accident. Except Maddy, who now plays in The Bloodclots (myspace here) there is nothing I could find about the others. I know I’m forgetting something now…oh, yes…They shared bills with: Subvert, The Derelicts, Aspirin Feast, Coffin Break, A.M.Q.A, No Means No, Accused, SGM, Poison Idea, Soundgarden, Skin Yard, and other few more.

Jesters Of Chaos - Demo Cassette

I grabbed a(n) (almost) 19 minutes long mp3 (from this page here) with the full demo cassette of the band. So check this page up…lots of diy hardcore punk, covering Seattle and Portland as well. See you next time.

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