Monday, August 3, 2009

Vexed: A funk-punk "anthology" of the Northwest

Ok, well, I got to admit I’ve spent a little time deciding what band this post should be about. Luckily I passed all my exams (with high grades, too :D ), and I've also spent a lot of time playing -really oughful-at my guitar. I finally made up my mind to write down a post about a non-grunge band called Vexed, I once again couldn't decide what material to I thought why not a bit of all?!
Vexed formed in '84 from the ashes of Death of Marat, and the Drills, the founding members were Milton Garrison (guitar) and Alfred Butler (bass). The band made its debut in '85 with the song "Six Foot Hole" on the Pyrrhic Victory: A Goal Attained At Too Great a Cost cassette along with Soundgarden, Skin Yard, 10 Minutes Warning, Feedback, Mental Mannequin, The Fags, Colour Twigs, The Probes and The Horrible Truth. Next the band appeared on the Bands That Will Make Money compilation in '86, and they were featured on two more compilations before releasing their own material: Lowlife compilation in 1987, and Secretions in 1988. Finally the band’s first non-compilation debut was Maybe 7'' EP in '88. The EP will eventually be included in Cd version of The Good Fight LP.
In 1990 the band made contribution to the famous C/Z compilation Teriyaki Asthma with the song Gwym on vol 4. I read almost 2 years ago on Lamestain that Yeast (another band featured on Teriyaki Asthma , on the first vol) was actually another Milton why not post Solid Alligators?!

The band broke up and reformed in 1992 with Alcohol Funnycar drummer Buzz Crocker. In '94 they released an eight-song LP on C/Z records called Cathexis.

Vexed played an unique style...a mix between funk, art and death rock, nothing what so ever to do with the sludgy, grungy sounds of the Northwest.

Maybe 7''

The Good Fight LP

Teriyaki Asthma


Anonymous said...


They definitly played punk too,..., somewhere on the world wide web there is a site from one of the members where you can download all their songs,...

Vexed is really great, different but still seattle,...


Dan said...

Hey, you're right, punk is something i've really forgotten to note there

UcidCopii said...

salut! foarte interesant blogul asta pentru ca aduce informatii altfel foarte greu de gasit si promoveaza latura mai obscura a muzicii. cred ca suntem cumva in aceeasi barca din punct de vedere a ceea ce incercam sa facem. :) ar trebui sa fim tot mai multi! :)