Monday, May 25, 2009

An 100% punk rock split/single or a double post

Here's a hot punk single that has to be shared with my readers. An out of print split/single with two MRR bands, so we'll have a different post today...a double post. Well in case you didn't know, MRR stands for Maximumrocknroll, and here's the whole story (that involves radio shows and fanzines). Back to Seattle those two bands (you already met one of them three post ago) are Derelicts and Zipgun.

The Derelicts formed, I guess, around '86. The band members were Duane Bodenheimer on vocals, Neil Rogers on guitar, Ian Dunsmore on bass and Rick Bilotti on drums. They played this drinking-problem punk with really overdriven dirty guitars. Proudly they came up before grunge and lasted a little bit through the 90s, I think they disolved in '93...basically their last record was this split/single that came out in '92, so...

For me, Derelict seems to be the band that defined Empty Record in a way that it definitely fits the profile of other bands signed there. Friends of mine classified them as hardcore punk, and often put them together with a class of bands that included Brotherhood, Jesters of Chaos, The Accused...I mean ...The Accused!!!....come on, that's trash as hell. Anyway I've never heard the original My Dad's A Fucking Alcoholic, but I'm pretty sure I haven’t missed much. Here's everything that Derelicts ever released: Bullet for Fifi 7" (1989, Penultimate Records),Time to Fuck Up 7" (1990, Empty Records US) Misery Maker 7" (1990, Sub Pop & Glitterhouse), Love Machine LP (1990, Penultimate Records) Beir, Beir, Beir LP (1990, Musical Tragedies), Derelicts/ Zipgun split 7" (1991, Broken Rekids, re-released in 1992 by Empty Records),Going Out of Style 1986-1990 CD (1994, Empty Records), and they were featured on the following compilations:Another Damned Seattle Compilation, Bobbing For Pavement, The Estrus Half-Rack , Puget Power.

Cold, funny and sometimes drunk-depressing punk, Zipgun was formed in '91 by Derelicts, guitarist Neil Rogers and singer Robbe Clarke. The full membership also included Mark Wooten on bass and Dan Cunneen on drum. It looks like they’ve initially set up on the name Smash, but they’ve immediately changed it, when Zipgun was suggested.

They were signed at Emty Records were they’ve released almost every material. Before you see the list, you need to know that their Lp 8 Track Player was recorded by the godfather of grunge, namely Jack Endino. Following the band history they disbanded in '94, their last line up featured Ian from Derelicts on bass. They did a/some reunion show/s and they were even featured on Hype! Post-Zipgun...whell Robbe Clarke sang in Against Medical Advise, and eventually formed RC5 and Neil and Ian formed Glazed, and I’ll end this with the release list:10 Seven Inch(1991, Empty Records), Together Dumb/Cool in the Cell 7"(1992, Empty Records), Zipgun/Derelicts Split 7"(1992,Empty Records), 8 Track Player LP/CD(1992,Empty Records),The End/Nothing Cures 7"(1992, Musical Tragedies), I Can't Wait/Tight Black Pants 7"(1993,Thrill Jockey Records), Baltimore LP/CD(1994, Empty Records).


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EBOB said...

Awesome! Thanks for this post! I think these are the two best songs I've heard from these bands. I actually found records by both of these bands in a bargain bin about a year ago, and I just posted them in response to this great post. Thanks again for all the great tunes!

The Derelicts 'Time to Fuck Up' EP:

Zip Gun 'Together Dumb' EP:

Enjoy the tunes! Rock on!