Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Bloodloss introduction that is kind of late

Of course the Martin Bland Ramdomized Control Trials post needed an introduction on Bloodloss, but in my sadist vision of my blog I like to often confuse the readers. It was a long time ago when the Australian punk scene made me a good impression with Cosmic Pshycos and Lubricated Goat...that, in a way, reminded me of Mudhoney, and it wasn't long until I got the connection. The missing link was Bloodloss. They all shared common members -beside Cosmic Psychos, so...let's just forget about them for a while- .Of course this happened in the '90s when Bloodloss moved to Seattle, and what I would like to do, is to post one of their 80s’ material. But before that, the so called introduction:

I've got to worn you it's very confusing, and I don't know if I tell it right...so, go search on the interweb.
Bloodloss formed in Sidney in '82, the line up consisted of Sharon Weatherill on vocals, Renetsar RJ on guitar and saxophone, Jeremy Bender on drums and Duncan Coleman on bass. The band changed it's name into Zulu Rattle in 1984, and had one release, Terror Train. Also the band line up changed again, now including Martin Bland on drums and Jim Selene on bass. It reformed again as Bloodloss in 1986 after Sharon and Renetsar had returned from UK, and released a self titled cassette in 1986, and Human Skin Suit in 1988 on Greasy Pop. Sharon left the band and another line up shift with Martin Bland taking over the guitar vocals duties. In 1990 they released Smell Machine 7" and The Truth Is Marchin In LP for Aberrant. Soon the band was put to hiatus after Renestair and Martin had joined Lubricated Goat on a USA tour. In 1991 the band line up changed again, but this time in Seattle with Renestar, Martin and Mark Arm. They released Broke 7'' on Bell town records in '93, In a Gadda da change(1993) and 10 Solid Rockin' Inches (1994) on Sympathy For The Record Industry...and I don't know much from here.

OK, here's what you've all been waiting for, the '88 Human Skin Suit:

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