Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Go Team, but more of a Kurt Cobain post

Ok, My Hairspray Queen is back in the house.
Now, I guess we all agree that searching for Kurt Cobain or Nirvana unreleased tracks is kind of fun, but really lame, and that’s because you know you’ll never going to find something that hasn’t been included on a box set or on some bootleg, unless a jerk-head switched the name of a modern post-rock band with “Nirvana” and then distributed it on the net. I’ve got to admit that I was searching for some Cobain’s unreleased tracks, two years ago, when I found out that he had a collaboration with The Go Team.

I’ve never been a big fan of Beat Happening or of any Calvin Johnson projects, and the only reason for posting The Go Team will be that besides Calvin Johnson, another member was Tobi Vail (feature Bikini Kill drummer), and like I said at some point, the band had a collaboration with Kurt Cobain.
You will read on Wikipedia that : The records were often collaborations with other musicians and the musical style varied from single to single. Kurt Cobain, Billy Karren, The Legend!, Dave Nichols of The Canannes, Donna Dresch of Team Dresch , Lois Maffeo, and Jeffery Kennedy were some of the artists the duo worked with.
And again from Wiki here’s a list with everything they’ve ever released :
"Sand/Jigsaw" (January 1989)
"Outside/Stay Ready" (February 1989) with
Billy Karren, Louise Olsen, Dave Nichols
"Breakfast In Bed/Safe Little Circles" (March 1989) with
The Legend!
"Milquetoast Brigade/She Was Sad" (April 1989) with
Jeffery Kennedy
"Ribeye/935 Patterson" (May 1989)
"Go Team Call/Three Ways To Sunday" (June 1989) with
Quang H, Billy Karren, Brad Clemmons
"Scratch It Out/Bikini Twilight" (July 1989) with
Tamra Ohrmund, Louise Olsen, Donna Dresch, Kurt Cobain
"Tummy Hop/Maverick Summer" (August 1989) with Brad Clemmons
"The Pines Of Rome" (September 1989) with Brad Clemmons
Recorded Live At The Washington Center For The Performing Arts
Your Pretty Guitar with Steve Peters

Archer Come Sparrow
Donna Parker Pop

Throw, The Yoyo Studio Compilation LP/CD (Yo-Yo Records, 1991)
Birdcrash Love Rock CS (K Records)

The Go Team was started by Calvin Johnson in 1985 when Tobi was 15 years old, I guess, and lasted 4 years; at the same time Tobi was playing in a girls band called Doris with Cheryl Hooper and Tamra Ohrmund(they made a demo tape which was recorded by Steve Ross of Cactus Love and has never been released).

“Scratch It Out / Bikini Twilight” was released in July 1989 and features Calvin on guitar, Tobi on drums, Tamra Ohrmund voice, Louise Olsen on bass, Donna Dreseh and Kurt Cobain on guitar.

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AT said...

I'd forgotten all about this song. I used to have this single (maybe still do), but it's good to have an mp3 of it.

And welcome back. I'm looking forward to more stuff like this.