Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The most noisy...most absurd...heaviest thing that was going

In the next lines we could talk about so many things, like trials, video-clips which were too "ugly" to be broadcasted on MTV, wood hewers and ex-butchers...but I think that we are already fed up with these aspects, so let's move on. If you haven't realized yet who I was talking about, Tad is the answer...Pretty noisy...pretty absurd...pretty heavy not to impress the remarkable Seattle scene. I know that your next question would be "what is the material that you are going to preach us about today"...the answer: "Salt Lick Ep". The first material that I've listened from Tad was the "God's Balls/Salt Lick" compilation, and in my opinion, their best introduction. The compilation came out in 1990, released by Sub Pop and formed by the "Salt Lick" Ep(1990) and the "God's Balls" Lp(1989). The two materials sound quite different, but if we think that in the end the Ep was produced by Steve Albini and the Lp by Jack Endino, the difference is acceptable...the reason that I've liked better the first songs of the compilation (in other words "Salt Lick") was that they sounded more noise, they were more terrorizing and faster, while "God's Balls" is more like heavy and sludge.

I would also like to recommend you the "High On The Hog" song, with Kurt Cobain's voice, song known by many of you under the "Alcohol" name, I don't know who came up with this, or where did he get this idea, but apparently this is the name under which it appears on "Outceticide 3". The song was performed live at 26th of November 1989..I don't know the exact location....you can see the clip on youtube.

However, I want to say a couple of words about the fact that my blog is "overloaded" with visits, that's because people, today, would rather post something pop-emo and indecorous, but I don't need a lot of visits; as long as one person is interested in the grunge materials posted on this blog, I will do my best to refresh it...and for that person, I don't think it's that hard to leave a comment now and then. I also want to thank Last Days Of Men On Earth blog because he offered me a space in his friends list...

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